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Our work is made possible by many partners all over the Nordic countries. We work in co-operation with other related companies to develop high quality standard solutions, but also flexible customer-specific solutions for all types of restaurants, bars and cafés. 

We provide tailored integrations to a host of both localized and international systems. We also provide an API integration platform that is open to all.

Our system is designed to provide features for restaurants of all sizes and shapes. This includes a great number of HoReCa chains that we provide chain management tools for in addition to providing both SaaS and ITaaS applications.

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    Cash register installations

    Payment terminal installations

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    Restaurants are about the people, and people trust us.

    “Fine-Dining, Deli, Bar, Night-Club, Terrace, all under one roof right in the middle of Helsinki”

    Nordic Hospitality Partners, Restaurant Teatern

    "Chain management on a larger scale. Including customized integration services and automated processes."

    Pizza Hut

    “Bistro Boheme is one of the great successes in the Copenhagen restaurant scene in recent years, located in the heart of the city."

    Bistro Boheme