Self-service checkouts shorten lunch lines on the K-campus

K-Group’s new headquarters, K-campus, was completed in Helsinki’s Kalasatama in June 2019. The building, located in an excellent location next to the metro station and shopping center Red, is a modern workplace for over 1,700 K-Group members.

Even large customer volumes are handled smoothly

NoHo Partners Oyj is responsible for the operation of the K-campus staff restaurant, which chose the self-service cash registers supplied by Restolution instead of the traditional manned cash registers. The restaurant has six self-service cash registers where all customers entitled to the employee meal benefit pay for their lunch. In addition, there is one manned cash desk for visitors, for example.

“The self-service cash registers were an obvious choice for us,” says restaurant manager Mika Hirvonen. “Our restaurant has large volumes, and during lunchtime we sell 600-700 portions per hour. Thanks to the self-service cash registers, even large numbers of customers can pay for their lunch quickly and no queues can form. There is also a need for fewer employees.”

Serve with the app straight to the table at Naughty Brgr

Naughty Brgr, founded in 2015, serves plump and juicy luxury burgers with side dishes. The chain currently has six restaurants in five cities.

Welcome news for ordering and paying

In May 2019, Naughty Brgr introduced an application through which customers can order and pay for their meals from the restaurant’s table. Orders are displayed at the checkout. If you want to take the food with you, you can place the order before you arrive. You can also download advantage coupons through the application, which work both in the application and when paying at the cash register.

“With the application, we wanted to improve the customer experience and offer a new channel for ordering and paying,” says Head of Operations Mikko Toivonen. “Digitalization is today, and we want to be involved in the development. “

The pick-up display system helps to estimate the waiting time at Pizza Hut Tripla

Pizza Hut Tripla opened its doors in October 2019 at the same time as the Mall of Tripla. Located in the heart of the lively restaurant world, the pizzeria attracts visitors with delicious pan pizzas, garlic bread and wings.

It is easy to follow the progress of the order

Pizza Hut Tripla uses a take-out display system as the chain’s first restaurant in Finland. At first, the customer goes to the cashier to order and pay for his portion. After that, he can go to the table to wait and watch the progress of his order on the big screen. You can see on the screen when the food is ready to be picked up from the counter.

“Mall of Tripla is very different from our other stores in Finland,” says Pizza Hut Finland Brand Manager Johan Sirén. “The number of people there is enormous: already during the first week of opening, Tripla was visited by a million visitors. In addition, customers have a lot of choice when it comes to restaurants, so standing out from the crowd is important.”

Host checkouts speed up the processing of orders at The Cock

Restaurant The Cock has been feeding gourmets in Helsinki’s Kasarmitori since 2015. The restaurant’s hallmarks are inventive but unpretentious fine dining food and particularly cordial service.

The order moves forward in real time

At the beginning of 2020, two host checkouts were introduced at The Cock. They are tablet computers that allow the waiter to enter customers’ orders into the system while standing next to the table. The information is transmitted to the kitchen and bar side in real time.
The Cock’s restaurant manager Heidi Michailov says that it is a pilot experiment, where the functionality of the host checkouts is tested. The owners of The Cock are planning to open a new restaurant where host cash registers would be the primary tool for recording all orders.

“The Cock was chosen for the experiment because this is the largest and busiest of the owners’ current restaurants,” says Michailov. “We have started with an open mind; The pen and pad model has been used in restaurants for so long that the new practice requires people to change their way of thinking.”