Restolution restaurant cashiers

Restolution cloud services, cashier programmes and integrations centralise the cashiers’ sales data to a continuously up-to-date information system. Improve the efficiency and comfort of your employees by increasing the work pace and developing operations with the Restolution restaurant’s cashier system. 

Tablet and event cashiers

Light and portable cashiers provide suitably sized solutions, such as pop-up stores, summer terraces, festivals, flea markets, and other events and mobile sales.

Self-service cashiers

Offer customers a quicker and easier ordering and payment experience with our self-service cashiers, which are suitable for various situations, such as, for example, lunch, cafe, fast-food and other restaurants.

Multi-channel orders

Bestorante can help you if you want your customers to be able to order food and drinks directly from the table. The Bestorante QR code makes each phone into a self-service cashier.

The table number is automatically identified in connection with the order. At the same time, you will be provided with an attractive electronic menu.


Cash register installations

Payment terminal installations

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"Chain management on a larger scale. Including customized integration services and automated processes."

Pizza Hut

“Fine-Dining, Deli, Bar, Night-Club, Terrace, all under one roof right in the middle of Helsinki”

Nordic Hospitality Partners, Restaurant Teatern

“Bistro Boheme is one of the great successes in the Copenhagen restaurant scene in recent years, located in the heart of the city."

Bistro Boheme