Product management

The Restolution system enables accurate product recipe management for your chosen product. You can monitor the stock situation of products and build more accurate dish recipes.

Product management allows the management of all available products’ features and a presentation method for your staff.

Sales monitoring

Restolution collects all your sales data in a centralised manner in one place. You can browse receipts immediately after a sales transaction, review sales development in real-time, and analyse collected data in a very detailed way using reporting. If necessary, you can send a customer a receipt as a PDF file by email.  

Comprehensive reporting provides you with information about the restaurant’s key figures and the waiters’ sales operations. You can select predetermined periods for the report or use free-form periods from the entire user history.

You can order the reports to your email regularly or review your own  

reports on a mobile phone or tablet device using the Restolution application. 

Stock management

If necessary, you can have access to an electronic waybill service to support stock management and margin planning. This service further facilitates stock management.

The Restolution system, which supports multiple stocks, enables stock definitions up to a product-specific level. You can also manage the central stock and make transfers between stocks or even between numerous restaurants.

Stock management allows you to effortlessly carry out inventories, purchase monitoring, and margin calculations.

Customer monitoring

The customer register identifies your customers, and you can utilise the information, for example, in marketing,

Customer loyalty management allows you to improve your own customers’ commitment through different customer loyalty programmes and bonuses. Regular customers can be provided with their own personal QR code or another identifier.

Billing compensation features are available for staff dining. Balance cards, which can be topped up and include a wallet feature, are also available for customer loyalty monitoring.

Provide your customers with a stamp card, prepaid lunches, a virtual wallet or perhaps a scheduled coffee pass.

Online store

BESTORANTE is a multi-channel e-commerce service integrated into the Restolution cashier service.

Bestorante can be activated directly from your own Restolution management service. Select your desired products, add product images, and publish a new online ordering channel.

The cashier system’s integrated online store facilitates the management of incoming orders, stock management and bookkeeping. You can manage all sales channels from one cashier!


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