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Order directly from the table using the QR code

The use of QR codes in restaurants is rapidly becoming common, and no wonder. Customers can order and pay for food and drink purchases directly from the table, which improves customer satisfaction and helps the staff’s rush.

One of the biggest advantages is saving time. With the help of QR codes, customers can place their orders faster and more efficiently directly from the table without queuing and waiting. This means that restaurants can serve their customers faster, which naturally increases customer satisfaction. Mistakes in orders are also reduced when customers place their orders themselves instead of the waiter.

With the help of QR codes, restaurants can also collect data about their customers, such as information about their order quantities, preferences and behavior. With this information, the restaurant can develop its selection and service in the future.

Electronic ordering is also an environmentally friendly option. Instead of restaurants using traditional menus, customers can scan a QR code and see the selection directly from their smartphone. This reduces paper waste and helps the environment.

Using a QR code makes the restaurant’s everyday life easier. The need for staff decreases and time is freed up to do other things. In addition, it is easy to update the virtual menus free of charge whenever it is relevant.