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Our advanced cloud service ensures a constantly up-to-date information system. Restolution is constantly getting new features thanks to our development team. We proactively integrate other systems as well, and all development work is done on the principle that all Restolution users get the opportunity to use them.
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System for all restaurants

Restolution offers a variety of software and service combinations that ensure a suitable solution for all types of restaurants. Our system is implemented as a cloud service that can be used via a web browser from any type of device with internet connection. We have continuously developed our system for more than 10 years and constantly improved our work based on experience with the thousands of different establishments throughout the years that use our system. This has led us to a selection of features that is incredibly comprehensive! Join the party – Start using the Restolution restaurant system to help optimise your business!
Restolution is a system developed in Finland that provides restaurants with the right special features to sustain efficient service. The development team has more than 20 years of solid experience in both the restaurant industry and application development. New features are constantly being added to the system based on our customers’ needs and integration updates.

The user base is very broad, including all types of restaurant companies and large restaurant groups. We are proud to announce that our user base is expanding strongly in all Nordic countries!


Product management

The Restolution system enables you to maintain an accurate product recipe for the product you want. You can monitor the stock situation of the products for sale and build more precise dosage recipes.
Product management enables you to manage the features of all the products you sell and the way they are presented to your staff.

Sales tracking

Sales Tracking Restolution gathers all your sales information in one place. You can browse receipts just seconds after a completed sale, view the progress of the sale in real time and analyse the accumulated data in detail with the help of reporting tools. If necessary, you can search for information on receipts based on a single information, such as payment method, amount, card number, product, or other similar information. If necessary, you can send the receipt to the customer as a PDF-file by email.
Through extensive reporting, you get information about the restaurant’s key numbers and KPIs, as well as the sales activities of the waiters. You can choose pre-defined time intervals for the report or freely look up intervals from the entire usage history. You can order the reports to your email regularly or view your own reports at any time using the Restolution application on your mobile phone or tablet device.

Inventory management

If necessary, you can purchase a digital inventory log book to help with inventory management and margin planning. With this service, maintaining the inventory is made even more simple.
The Restolution system supports multiple inventories and enables you to log articles even on a product-specific level. You can also maintain a central warehouse and make transfers between the inventories of several restaurants. With the help of inventory management, you can order, store, track purchases and cover financial accounting very easily!

Customer tracking

The customer register makes it easy to identify customers and use the information for example in marketing. Through loyalty management, you can improve the commitment of your customers through various loyalty programs and bonuses. Loyal customers can be given a personal QR-code or another identifier. Give your customers a stamp pass, pre-paid lunches, a virtual wallet or, for example, a coffee pass.
By using the feature of invoicing compensations, you can also provide staff meals for your employees. It is also possible to get downloadable balance cards with the wallet function for regular customers or employees.

Online store

BESTORANTE is a multi-channel e-commerce service built into the Restolution system.
Bestorante can be activated directly via the Restolution service. Just select the products you want, add product images to them and publish a new online ordering channel.
The online store integrated into the checkout system automatically facilitates the management of incoming orders, inventory maintenance and accounting. You can thereby manage all sales channels from one cash register!





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