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Our Bestorante online store offers a fast and cost-effective way to publish products and services where customers can order and pay for their food using mobile devices and internet browsers.


The online store also enables your customers to order food directly from their table using the digital menu and as an added feature you can use the platform to publish digital gift cards as well.

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Get started with multi-channel selling and find new customers at the same time

Provided with a modern and dynamic user interface that works smoothly on both mobile phones and computers, our Bestorante online store is tailored to make the customer experience nice and easy. Just select your products, add delicious pictures to them, and you have an “instantly up and running” online store where customers can order dishes in advance for pickup or delivery. The user interface ensures an easily accessible and direct approach for starting a new sales channel including modern self-service features and multi-channel sales functions.
The online store is made entirely for the use of restaurants and focuses on smoothly facilitating the collection of food orders and home deliveries. Shopping in the online store is done with a smart and easy visual user interface, on which it is possible to choose if you want to pick up the order, get home delivery or eat at the restaurant. Orders can be placed in advance for a desired time or day, and the online store makes sure that the opening hours and the busyness of the kitchen are taken into account and communicated to the customer.
In the Bestorante online store, it is possible to add a transport company as a delivery option for takeout orders. This gives you the opportunity to offer product delivery directly to your customer’s doorstep.

The transport company’s services can be activated in the online store with the help of Restolution support. The price of the transport is automatically added to the total amount of the customer’s order based on what the transport company charges for the delivery. You can get more information on transport service by sending an e-mail to the address:

Bestorante also includes built-in navigation functions if you want to hire drivers to deliver food. Drivers can track orders directly from their phones, as well as start navigation to their destination and send messages to customers waiting for orders.

By taking payments for an order in advance, you are ensured that you will receive the money even if the customer does not come to pick up their order.

The Bestorante online store for restaurants includes an advance payment feature, where the customer can pay for the order in advance with a Visa or MasterCard card, Verkkopanki, Pivo, Siirto or Mobilepay. Advance payments work both in the online store and directly at the table when ordering via QR-code.

Bestorante also supports sales invoicing and enables invoicing customers to identify themselves via text message. Invoicing customer orders go directly to Restolution’s invoicing sales and through that on to either individual invoices or consolidated invoices.

The restaurant’s menu can be freely scheduled so different menus are displayed at different times or days. During the day, for example, the lunch takeaway menu can be shown and the same evening the products from the À la Carte menu can be shown. If you want to enable home deliveries or takeaway food, they too can be scheduled for publishing within a timeframe that suits you.

The Bestorante online store also allows for alternate products depending on if you order food from the online store or from the restaurant table. This makes it possible to order certain products, such as alcohol, to the tables, while these cannot be ordered for home delivery, for example.

Product sales usually include opportunities to propose additional ordering opportunities to customers or even the opportunity to customise a product according to the customer’s preferences. For this, Bestorante provides a digital picture menu that helps customers to easily choose between additional condiments, side dishes or other options for their meal. The system enables an endless amount of additional products for upselling, which can consist of both free and paid options. This maximises the sales of each order and increases the amount of the average purchase in the same way as, for example, the proposed add-ons used at self-service checkouts.

The Bestorante online store has its own function for managing incoming orders. You can order a separate notice of the incoming order to your email or via a text message to your phone. The restaurant can use the service to let customers know that their order has been received and inform them on an estimated completion time for pickup or delivery.

The incoming order appears with the information of whether it has been prepaid or not. You can send the orders directly to the Restolution cash register for processing, so they are also visible on the takeout and kitchen screens. Messages to customers can both work by using online messaging or text messages.

Orders are read and processed directly from your cash register and the whole process is integrated as part of the Restolution restaurant system.

Explore the options

Order directly from the table

A full-scale table ordering system has been built into Bestorante’s online store, which allows customers to order food directly to the table via their own phone. It is also possible to use tablet devices as a digital menu.
The order can be placed by scanning a QR-code with your phone and then the online store opens directly on the right page so that the customer’s table number is recognized at the same time. In the product selection, you can also choose to mark products that are not available for takeaway. When an order has been completed online, it goes directly to the cash register, either prepaid or for later payment. The kitchen thereby knows all table situations in real time and can receive any relevant messages directly through a printer or screen.

Digital menu

With Bestorante, you can also switch to a complete digital menu if you wish.
You can publish the entire menu on your own website or place a QR-code on your tables, so your customers can scan the code and access the menu directly on their phones. You can easily skip the online store orders and advance payment system if you simply want a digital menu for your restaurant. Included in the digital menu, however, you get all product information, such as allergies, content information and even nutritional information on the offered dishes.

Gift cards

You can publish gift cards to Bestorante’s online store, which will be displayed directly on the platform. These Gift Cards are available through the cash register system. The gift cards can also be used over the course of several purchases, so customers can use them repeatedly until the card runs out of value.
You can buy gift cards either for yourself or send them as a gift to others when purchasing gift cards. You can also buy several cards at a time, so you can send them as gifts for an entire staff or to all customers as a Christmas present. The gift cards are sent to the buyer or recipient as a PDF file with a QR-code that is used when purchasing with the card. Also, a nice layout is designed for the gift card when it’s received via email.
The information on gift cards are specified in Bestorante, and also includes how many gift cards are on sale and at what value.

Examples of Bestorante Online Stores

New additions

Multichannel solutions

The consumer already demands multi-channel solutions!
Multi-channel means that the restaurant’s sales channels also go from the office directly to the customer. Various online stores and self-service channels have made it possible to communicate directly with the customer and mean that favorite restaurants come to mind much more often than when walking past.

Common multi-channel formats are traditional online stores, self-service checkouts or self-service ordering formats that use customers’ own mobile devices.

Self-service orders suit many customer groups very well and it has been scientifically proven that average purchases increase considerably.

The Restolution system includes a ready-made online store, where all takeaway and delivery type real-time order channels work.

In addition to this, you can use an electronic menu, a table ordering component, e.g. using a QR code, and many other features that make business easier. The online store is automatically published online without any own servers or homepages.

See an example shop here: Pastarito Demo shop

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