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The Restolution service also includes training, consulting and service design as an essential part of our work. With proper training and consulting we ensure that the system is used as efficiently and well as possible.


Online shopping and multi-channel solutions need visual appeal, hence design is an important aspect of communicating the values and spirit of your restaurant, for which you can get help and advice from us.
Our training staff are happy to serve you with many years of experience that covers both restaurant systems and the restaurant business.

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Janne Koivula
Janne already got acquainted with gastronomy through the upbringing of his parents who were restaurateurs. Field work in the restaurant career has included everything from cooking school to restaurant manager, as well as restaurant IT tasks for a foreman in a large restaurant chain. Restaurant IT certified qualification has been acquired in Haaga-Helia. For more than 10 years, Janne’s passion has been to optimize the customer’s systems to work for the benefit of the business.
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Teija Kyllönen
Teija is originally from Oulu. She was a restaurant chef from her previous profession, who also became interested in IT and also read herself the datanom qualification. Cash registers became familiar in restaurants, where she worked both in the hall and in the kitchen, so the work you do is also familiar to her. With the change of industry, the love for restaurants and cash registers remained, so working with them was a natural continuation after the actual work in the restaurant industry. Teija has worked as a supporter of cash systems and as a trainer for a total of about 16 years, of which more than 10 years at Kassamagneetti.
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Sami Suuronen
Sami has started the estate in Nissen since he was a young boy. Current work is supported by experiences in the Manse nightclub world, restaurant manager and front staff trainer. Over the decades, his duties have included several areas, currently his main duties are education.
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