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Tablet based cash register solutions are well suited for many situations where fast and flexible operations are a priority. Mobile cash registers are portable or operate on, for example, a wireless network.


The tablet selection has been carefully chosen to suit the needs of a versatile work environment with essential screen settings and a battery that can last a full working day.


We pre-install and deliver our tablet cash register in single units that are ready to use. Tablet cash registers are often a part of a larger cash register network. Depending on your needs, we will work out whether your cash registers should run on WiFi or a mobile connection.

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Bestorante GO tablet

With Restolution’s built-in online store, BestoranteGo, it is also possible to send products to the cash register from your very own online sales channel. The BestoranteGo checkout application can be downloaded for all IOS devices directly from Apple’s app store, as well as for selected Android tablet devices. Create a perfect lightweight cash register just by logging into the application and select the content for your very own online store. The BestoGo cash register has its own shortcut keyboard and presents all product information ready for you to use. You can group products as you wish and images as well as additional information are set up for you by Restolution. The cash register application immediately takes your receipt to the digital archive, and you can share the receipt with your customer by email or text message depending on preference.
Other features include:
Other features include:

Restolution BASIC tablet

Are you in need of a cash register for a pop-up restaurant or for starting a new restaurant/shop?
The Basic tablet cash register is an easy solution with a monthly price that includes a tablet device, a receipt printer, a cash drawer, and the Restolution Basic cash register software. The software is designed to be quickly up and running as well as easy to use. A perfect choice for establishments of all sizes and can also be ordered with an integrated payment terminal.

Restolution EASY tablet

The fast and convenient EASY software is a simple choice if speed and ease of use is a top priority. The EASY tablet is working at its most efficient level in cafes, beer restaurants, smaller restaurants, nightclubs, and fast food restaurants.
All the right features have been chosen for checkout functions to ensure quick and neatly controlled sales. The cash register manages, for example, that clerks aren’t able to sell alcohol with a lunch card, and records all product sales and errors in Restolution reporting. You can thereby easily observe and analyse sales activities in detail.
Table functions have also been included, as well as e.g. queuing function for kitchen prints, with which you can decide when your orders are going to the kitchen. In addition, all of our selected payment terminals can be integrated into the EASY checkout system!

Restolution SMART tablet

Restolution SMART tablet is the professional choice. A fast, easy-to-use and customisable cash register software suitable for establishments with demanding environments and table handling service. The SMART software is widely integrated with most other software in the restaurant industry, such as digital payment methods, reservation systems, customer management and online stores.
This product also includes:
This product also includes:

Serve your customers faster

Stay one step ahead of the rush hour from morning to night
Restolution cash register models are designed to serve different restaurant establishments.

EASY checkout is especially suitable for serving quick service restaurants, canteens, cafes and fast food restaurants.

SMART cash registers are designed for table service restaurants, as well as for situations where a lot of special features and integrations with other systems are needed.

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Our installation consultants help with all aspects of the installation. We train you how to use the system, as well as install the hardware so you can be sure that everything happens on time and correctly!

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